OIG Advisory Opinions

OIG Advisory Opinions- Did you know that in accordance with section 1128(D)(b) of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1320a-7d(b)) and 42 CFR part 1008, OIG issues advisory opinions about the application of OIG’s fraud and abuse authorities to the requesting party’s existing or proposed business arrangement. As required by the statute, these advisory opinions are being made available to the public through this OIG Web site.

One purpose of the advisory opinion process is to provide meaningful advice on the application of the anti-kickback statute and other OIG sanction statutes in specific factual situations. Please note, however, that advisory opinions are binding and may legally be relied upon only by the requestor. Since each opinion will apply legal standards to a set of facts involving certain known persons who provide specific statements about key factual issues, no third parties are bound nor may they legally rely on these advisory opinions.

The OIG redacts specific information regarding the requestor and certain privileged, confidential, or financial information associated with the individual or entity, unless otherwise specified by the requestor. If you are interested in having an advisory opinion issued by the OIG, then please contact this office for more information. Call us at 301-670-0016.