Medical Credentialing Attorney

What is a Medical Credentialing Attorney or a Medical Credentialing Lawyer?

He/she is there to stand up for you when you are seeking membership in, participation in, employment by, etc. a health care entity such as a third party payer, a medical practice, hospital medical staff or procedure privileges, insurance panel, HMO, MAC, or any other entity which requires you to establish your competency or integrity for participation. The Medical Credentialing Attorney or Medical Credentialing Lawyer is there to explain your case or otherwise establish your case in a light most favorable to you. It may involve dealing with a third party who you want involvement with or clearing your recorded that had been unjustly soiled by some third party. It may be a matter of educating the third party so that it understands that you have a right to certain benefits or participation or it may be to seek the finessing that benefits or participation. That credentialing attorney needs to have a full spectrum of skills to serve your needs.

The Medical Credentialing Attorney, Lawyer is there to identify what rights or privileges that you may have and insure that you rights/privileges are observed and your status is presented in a light most favorable to you under the applicable law, rules, etc. and to document a record for any subsequent judicial enforcement, if someone is violating your rights/privileges. Your Medical Credentialing Attorney, Lawyer is there to seek to define the facts pertaining to your matter in a manner best for you, under whatever applicable law may be employed. Health care entities are subject to a variety of laws and government programs and depending upon your specific case, these laws, regulations and programs may be applicable to afford you relief. It may be a matter of cleaning up old dirt that others threw at you in the past or it may be a matter of cleaning up issues that you created. It could be not even pertaining to your rights and/or privileges but rather how to accomplish your credentialing goals to which you do not have an absolute right or privilege. But, rather, something that you greatly desire and which can enhance your professional development.

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Mr. Haber is a former Assistant United States Attorney [1971-1979 E.D. MI] and former Senior Attorney Office of Inspector General United States Department of Health and Human Services [1979-1983]. Prior to becoming an Assistant United States Attorney, he was a PSA for the FBI. As such, he has a specific skill set that is unique to him. He found this firm in 1984 and he has been assisting Healthcare Professionals ever since, in a variety of ways.

On one occasion, a physician was being pushed off his hospital call panel because two large groups were squeezing him out. His status was saved by a letter to the Chief of Staff of a large prestigious hospital who had no idea that these two groups were squeezing out competitors. It was brought to his attention the anti-competitive activity of these two large groups. This COS did not want to put his facility’s reputation at risk for the greed of two groups who bought out or squeezed out most of the others in their specialty at his hospital. After the letter, the physician was not further bothered by those competitors.

On another occasion, a physician had to seek privileges from a public hospital which had a contract with hospitalist group. A letter seeking public records was all that was needed to be written in order to obtain privileges for that physician.

On another occasion, Mr. Haber assisted a convicted kleptomaniac in obtaining licensure from a Medical Licensing Board. On that occasion, Mr. Haber employed the Americans with Disabilities Act [ADA] to assist in obtaining the physician’s licensure. Mr. Haber has used ADA on a number of other occasions to assist physicians across a variety of professional domains.

Mr. Haber used the ADA to obtain participation with a third party payer for a physician who previously suffered from a substance abuse but who had a successful record of recovery. In another case, Mr. Haber assisted a physician who sought participation with a third party payer by writing a letter which pointed out the payer’s exposures due to denying the physician participation.

These are just some of the many occasions when Mr. Haber, as a Medical Credentialing Attorney, Medical Credentialing Lawyer, has been able to assist physicians in obtaining critical credentialing for their professional development.

In one matter, a Medical Licensing Board voted 7-3 to permit a doctor convicted of rape before a Military Court Martial to return to practicing medicine, saying the crime had nothing to do with his role as a physician. In the end, the Medical Licensing Board came to realize with Mr. Haber’s assistance, as a Medical Credentialing[Licensing] Attorney, that the physician was the one who had been unjustly treated by the system. In reality, in this particular case, the physician was the one who had been raped, by the Court Martial, on the altar of political correctness. A great deal of effort by Mr. Haber went into bringing that realization to the Medical Board’s collective attention, in order to obtain the desired result, but it was worth it. It was the start of the professional rehabilitation for that physician.

Please feel free to contact this office for a no obligation initial consultation as to how this office can assist you concerning your Medical Credentialing issues. We also assist physicians and other health care professionals and institutions concerning a variety of other topics, such as Peer Review, Licensing, RAC attacks, ZPIC investigation, OIG investigation, FBI investigations, employment Credentialing, Data Bank issues, etc. You may initiate a no obligation consultation through our Contact Form by leaving your name and telephone number or by a direct call to the office [301-670-0016].

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