Licensing Boards

Many attorneys claim that they are experienced with licensing Boards matters and that they can do miracles. They claim to be best Licensing Board Attorneys that there are. Often, they claim to know all and to be able to do miracles. Unfortunately, often, they fall flat on their faces when the time comes for performance. At Haberslaw, we do not promise to perform miracles. That is up to God. However, we do claim to do good work. At Habers, we have even had a Florida physician’s license restored after he had been convicted of rape. If your attorney claims to do miracles, ask if he ever had a medical License of a convicted rapist restored. We have. What we had going for us was that he was truly innocent even though he had been convicted and we were able to convince the Board that he was not a threat to anyone. We have assisted a kleptomaniac physician to obtain a license as well as assisting numerous health care providers with addiction and other problems. We have used the ADA to level licensees’ playing fields and get them past the goal-line. We use whatever civil rights statutes or any other tools that are on our belt to serve our clients. While we cannot claim the same results for all clients, however, we do perform good work and we would be glad to discuss your problems in a no obligation consultation. Call Haberslaw at 301-670-0016 and ask for Ken Haber.

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