OIG Medicare Exclusion Waiver

Ask a Medicare Exclusion Attorney What is an OIG Medicare Exclusion and What Effect Does an OIG Medicare Exclusion Have on a Healthcare Provider and What Can You Do about an OIG Medicare Exclusion

An OIG Medicare Exclusion is, in essence, the imposition by the OIG of a prohibition for anyone to do business or otherwise have any financial relationship (including employment for others) within the context of a federal healthcare program, directly or through a state program such as Medicaid.

The scope of a Medicare Exclusion is from all Federal health care non-procurement programs including Medicare, Medicaid, and all other plans and programs that provide health benefits funded directly or indirectly by the United States (it does not normally preclude you from being a recipient of a program such as Medicare or Medicaid in the capacity of a beneficiary).

If you have been notified that you are being considered for a Medicare Exclusion then you need a Medicare Exclusion Attorney who knows what Medicare Exclusions are about and who has actually been able to obtain a federal court injunction to prevent the OIG from imposing a Medicare Exclusion on a physician. You need a Medicare Exclusion Attorney.

If you have already been excluded, then you need an attorney who has been able to obtain from the OIG a Waiver of Exclusion. Mr. Haber has obtained two waivers of Exclusion for his clients. You do not need an attorney who talks about exclusions but you need one who has actually obtainedWaivers and even an injunction to protect his clients from Medicare Exclusions.

The effect of a Medicare Exclusion normally is devastating to any practitioner. Normally, you cannot be a Medicare or Medicaid physician nor can you normally work for a Medicare Medicaid physician. It normally precludes your payments, directly and indirectly from program funds. Normally, neither your clinical services nor your managerial services may be reimbursed for, if Medicare, Medicaid or other program services funds are involved. Don’t bother with attorneys who say that they can help physicians facing exclusion.

Ask them if they have prevented Medicare Exclusions or if they have obtained Waivers of Medicare Exclusions. Call former Assistant United States Attorney, former Senior Attorney OIG Kenneth Joel Haber. He has. See what he can do for you.  Call 301-670-0016.

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