False Claims Act Attorney

False Claims Act Attorneys

While we normally never sue physicians but rather normally defend them, we do sue physicians on behalf of other physicians and, also, when we represent physicians who are called Relators in False Claims Act cases.

How Effectively False Claims Act Attorneys Help

False claims act lawyers are individuals who have knowledge of false claims being pursued by those who seek to illegally take advantage of the government’s programs. The whistleblower files a suit against such individuals and stands in the shoes of the government. The false claims act attorney/lawyers, a specialist false claims act, notifies the government of the suit while it is still under seal and not publicly known. The government can then elect to enter the suit or not.

It can end up with big dollars for the Relator and his/her attorney while stopping the plundering of our healthcare and other programs. The Relator does not have to be a physician but can be anyone with the necessary knowledge of what may be a violation of the government’s programs or fraud against the government. If you believe that you have the necessary knowledge to be a Relator, contact us and discuss it with our team of false claims act lawyers. Don’t wait until someone else jumps “your claim”. You can serve the government, the public and yourself. Call us more information @ 301-670-0016.

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