Whistleblower Attorney

Whistleblowers are the lawyers who expose the misdeeds in the healthcare industry and elsewhere and bring the wrongdoing to the attention of the court and the government. They work under the False Claims Act in order to extract justice from those who defraud the system.

Technically, the term healthcare whistleblower signifies a person or agency that exposes something illegal, or some misconduct, being practiced by a physician, practitioner, provider or corporation in the healthcare industry. The whistleblower tries to expose the violation of statutes, rules, and regulations that are a threat to the financial health of the programs.

A Whistleblower Attorney is a lawyer, who has experience in the court and legal field and to whom the whistleblower reports illegal practices for purpose of bringing those practices to the attention of the Court and the government. Such lawyers work as representatives of whistleblowers. They are known as Whistleblower lawyers. The subject matter in healthcare is from such diverse sectors as physician practices, nursing homes, pharmaceutical, hospital, laboratories, etc. People from these sectors come forward and expose misconduct, being carried out at Medicare and the tax payers’ expense. Whistleblowers are experienced lawyers and attorneys, who operate under the authority of the False Claim Act.

Types of Whistleblower Cases

Most cases in court have been brought to light by professionals, working in the referenced sectors. Among the cases of fraud against the government, those in the healthcare industry are often noticed the most. They affect the programs that most directly affect each and every citizen at some time in his/her life. The whistle may be blown against companies (i.e., durable medical supply manufactures, pharmaceutical etc.), healthcare entities such as hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic laboratory companies, etc. or their representatives, and individual physician practices for billing in an illegal manner or establishing illegal relationships. When whistleblowers act, the False Claim Acts attorneys assist them in their efforts. The issue of supplying drugs that for one reason or another are not supposed to be marketed by a pharmaceutical company or supplier is considered on the top list of violations of the law because it can have a deadly effect. Some companies have been delivering fake or non-compliant drugs into the market and have been caught at it. These cases are subject to the False Claims Act by Whistleblowers and their Attorneys.

Numerous companies, healthcare providers, suppliers and their officials have been found involved in a violation of various forms of illegal conduct and injurious behaviors. And now as you know, those who bring their deeds to the attention of the government are called Whistleblowers, and the legal practitioners, working with them as their representatives are called Whistleblower lawyers.

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