Medicare Fraud Defense Attorney

Medicare Fraud Defense Attorney in Boyds, MD

When a healthcare practitioner or provider gets a call from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) to set up an appointment for an interview, it is not going to be a job interview unless it is for making license plates (i.e., prison). At that point in time, the provider needs an attorney who knows fraud and knows how to deflect any concerns of the OIG so that the provider will not become the focus of a criminal investigation. That’s when a healthcare practitioner needs a Medicare fraud defense attorney in Boyds, MD.

Need for Medicare Fraud Attorney

A good Medicare Fraud Attorney knows how to establish your innocence when you are innocent and when you may have been involved in matters that you might have better stayed away from, he knows how to make you more important as a witness than a defendant. As a metric for being an experienced Medicare Fraud Defense Attorney, Kenneth Haber has spent years on both sides of the issue. Mr. Haber was an Assistant United States Attorney for 8 years [1971-1979] during which time, he prosecuted Medicare Fraud. Then Mr. Haber joined the Office of Inspector General (OIG) HHS and helped write the book when the OIG was just forming. As an experienced Medicare Fraud Defense Attorney, you are not likely going to find others with the depth of Mr. Haber’s experience that covers as broad of a variety of fraud issues. Many individuals like to claim that they are Medicare Fraud Defense Lawyers but they do not have the skills and experiences of Mr. Haber. A true Medicare Fraud Defense Lawyer knows how to avoid having to go to Court.

Medicare Fraud Defense Attorneys

An experienced healthcare defense attorney knows how to motivate the prosecutor to not prosecute his client in the first place. The type of Medicare Fraud Lawyer that you want is the type who can make you more valuable as a witness than as a defendant. That type of situation is when you do not have to go to Court except as a witness. For further information, do not hesitate to contact Kenneth Haber at 301-670-0016.

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