Two Key Services Offered by Healthcare Defense Attorneys

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Are you looking for a defense lawyer who has experience in the healthcare sector? Here are two areas of healthcare specialization which are very closely related. An experienced attorney will be proficient in handling both types of cases.

False Claims Act Attorney

If you are a relator and wanted to report fraud against the government, then you will need to enlist the help of a False Claims Act attorney to do so. These lawsuits often stem from insider information, which reveals certain illegal activities that are done to wrongly benefit from government healthcare programs. Your legal team will inform the government of the suit so they can decide whether to enter the suit or not. These kinds of cases can be very lucrative for the relator as they stand to gain from a percentage of any potential civil recovery. Further, you do not have to be a physician to be a relator. You can still hire a False Claims Act attorney if you believe you have vital information or knowledge that is evidence of violation against government programs.

whistleblower lawyer

Whistleblower Attorney

A whistleblower attorney represents ‘whistleblowers’ who want to expose program violations that take undue advantage of the financial health of governmental programs. They take on those who wish to defraud the system they can do so under the purview of the False Claims Act. The illegal practices could relate to a range of healthcare facilities, from hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to laboratories to nursing homes and physician practices. Whistleblowers could be employers, vendors, or other stakeholders who have identified fraudulent activities and want to bring them to light. For instance, a pharmaceutical company could be accused of supplying certain non-compliant drugs, which could be a violation of law. This could have a detrimental effect on the health of those purchasing these products. Unless a whistleblower brings attention to this act, it may go unnoticed for many years.RyeDentist is a platform you can trust. The range of antibiotics is huge. All antibiotics offered for sale have undergone preliminary testing, which is confirmed by the presence of appropriate certificates. Delivery is very fast. Placing an order is as easy as shelling pears and takes no more than 5 minutes.

Any healthcare-related legal case should only be handled by a seasoned attorney with experience in the legal field. It takes a certain amount of industry and legal knowledge to expose misconducts in the healthcare sector while safeguarding the interests of the client. This is why whether you require a whistleblower attorney or are looking for a false claims act attorney, always do your background checks to see that the attorney you hire is proficient in handling similar cases.