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Legal Representation For Physicians And Healthcare Providers From Kenneth Joel Haber

April 30th, 2013

Kenneth J Haber, as a former Assistant United States Attorney and a former Senior Attorney of the Office of Inspector General, is uniquely qualified to represent physicians and other health care providers. He has experience representing physicians and others before the Office of Inspector General and concerning the FBI. He has represented physicians before Medical Licensing Boards, DEA, Medicare and other administrative agencies. He has been actively involved concerning False Claims Act matters. These are also called Qui Tam matters. Mr. Haber has experience concerning Medical Staff credentialing and RAC audits.

Haberslaw defines its mission as keeping physicians and other healthcare providers informed of the current topics in today’s medicine, including the CMS’ & the OIG’s provisions concerning fraud detection. Physicians and other healthcare providers do not want to be subject to recoupment of payments for legitimately rendered services due to technical errors that are not of substance nor be charged with fraud and have to defend yourself in a criminal forum. If you need more specific information concerning this topic or the implications of this article, the staff of haberslaw is available for a no obligation initial consultation at 301-670-0016. Do not get caught inadvertently in the CMS’s contractor review processes that systematic impose costly recoupment due to technical billing errors. Contact Haberslaw and find out how you may initiate a low cost compliance program to safeguard your practice and even enhance your billings. From any error whatsoever, you can be referred to the DEA, your Medical Licensing Board, OIG’s, FBI’s, CMS’, DOJ’s HEAT Strike Force investigative net. If any of these agencies or a CMS contractor contacts you, you should contact us. It does not matter if you are innocent. What matters is if you can prove that you are innocent. It does not matter if you billed for services actually rendered. What matters is if you have properly document for the services. We have been involved in these issues many times over the years. Also, we can assist with Defensive Medicine, Fraud Avoidance, Medicare as well as many other issues so as to avoid problems. Additional topical information of the day is available on the E-education page at Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation initial consultation.