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Whistleblower Attorney – Protecting the Rights of Whistleblowers

July 4th, 2019

A whistleblower is a different concept in the United States and most people in other countries would find it a little tricky to understand it at first. However, it is something that roots down to a long way back but continues into the present generation.

Before knowing more about the history of whistleblowers, it is important to know that this category of citizens also has a dedicated set of lawyers, often known as whistleblower attorney. The duty of these advocates is to protect the whistleblower from any sort of wrongdoing and to protect their rights, including obtaining for them their share of any recovery against those who would steal and defraud from the government.

How did whistleblowers come into existence?

The fact that there is a dedicated set of whistleblower attorneys goes on to prove the importance of whistleblowers in society. It all started right from the time Lincoln was the president of the US. He encouraged individuals to report any wrongful acts or fraud happening against the government.

Lincoln had enacted the first FCA (False Claim Act) in 1863. This law acted as a response to the frauds that took place during the Civil War. This Act included the “qui tam” provisions, and these provisions further encouraged the citizens to take up any cases of fraud by companies or individuals against the government. Such provisions were in the initial “qui tam” and they are in the legislation even today.

The type of wrongdoings that could be a fraud against the government

A whistleblower can identify almost any type of fraud or wrongdoings and it is the duty of the whistleblower attorney to file a False Claims Act complaint in Court for the benefit of the whistleblower and the government. There are some very common type of cases, like:

  • Illegal dumping of waste by companies when you have been paid to properly dispose of waste
  • Selling faulty weapons and equipment to the army
  • Committing fraud financially against the government
  • Committing fraud against Medicare and other government programs

The whistleblowers can take up many other types of fraud against the government in a lawsuit as well. Moreover, the Whistleblower Protection Act protects them from employment retaliation or any other types of wrongs committed against them.

Hence, if you are also observing any wrongdoing against the government, you may be possibly be considered a whistleblower and bring the wrongful situation to the notice of a whistleblower attorney who can file a case in Court on your behalf. After all, a corruption-free nation ought to be our motive and we must work for it. The Law Office of Kenneth Joel Haber has such attorneys and they can possibly represent you. Call 301-670-0016