Difference Between a False Claims Act Attorney and a Whistleblower Attorney

whistleblower While both a whistleblower attorney and a False Claims Act attorney works on cases that involve fraud, their focus areas and roles are quite different. Let’s look at each in brief: What does a whistleblower attorney do? In simple terms,  →

Understanding The Laws Related To Whistleblowers

<strong>Understanding The Laws Related To Whistleblowers</strong> Whistleblowers and whistleblower lawyers play a key role in bringing to justice any attempts or acts of defrauding the US government. Numerous federal and state laws make provisions to incentivise whistleblowers so that the effort they put towards helping the  →

Do You Have A Viable Whistleblower Lawsuit In Your Hands?

Do You Have A Viable Whistleblower Lawsuit In Your Hands? A whistleblower attorney can help determine if you have a viable lawsuit. Here are a few questions that a whistleblower attorney can help you answer to determine whether the information you have can be used to institute a whistleblower lawsuit.  →
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