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Hire an Experienced Attorney for Quick Resolution of Healthcare Fraud Case

August 11th, 2017

Doctors are considered next to God. They are the most trusted and respected members of our society. They play a pivotal role in providing general and special healthcare services to the people thereby helping them prevent diseases and maintain sound health.   However, some healthcare professionals take undue advantage of the faith reposed in them and commit healthcare frauds that lead to huge financial losses to the government.

Some of the common cases of healthcare fraud include wrong or double billing, performing unnecessary medical tests, accepting gift or payment for patient referrals, billing each step of procedure as a separate entity (Unbundling )—all this done for getting money from insurers or government healthcare program.

Hiring an experienced Medicare fraud defense attorney would be the best bet in case you have been implicated in a legal case of healthcare fraud by a whistleblower. The defense attorney will represent your case in the court and will protect you from the punishment. This will not only help you save your time, money and reputation but also provide you peace of mind.

Finding a competent and experienced healthcare fraud attorney is crucial to resolving the case of Medicare fraud. Mr. Kenneth Joel Haber is a renowned Medicare fraud defense attorney, based in Maryland who is known for his extensive experience in resolving civil, criminal, litigation and healthcare fraud cases. Having served as a government attorney for several years, he set up his own firm in 1983 and started the private practice.

The Law Office of Kenneth Joel Haber, PC has helped a number of clients in cases related to federal and state agencies that involve healthcare fraud, licensing, government contracting, and sanction and compliance matters. What makes him the most preferred choice is his extensive experience combined with his excellent knowledge and commitment to providing his clients the best quality legal service. He along with Michael Tabacco provides legal services to individuals and organizations in a wide range of legal cases that include civil rights, false claims, business and commercial law, American Disabilities act, compliance law and others.

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