Looking out for an experienced Medicare Fraud Attorney

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Nowadays, it is usual to see the people siphoning money from the Medicare fund meant for the old age and disabled people. According to estimates, 10% of the Medicare funds, totaling over $16.2 billion, are lost to Medicare fraud and waste. It is the responsibility of all aware citizens to report any suspicious Medicare fraud activity by following the due process in consultation with Medicare fraud attorney.

More about this program

Medicare, a health insurance program paid for and funded by the U.S. Government, helps citizens to cover hospital costs, non-hospital costs and some other coverage options. Fraud in this healthcare program hurts not only the taxpayers, but the millions of beneficiaries of the programs also. The frequency and scale of fraud suggest that billions of dollars of taxpayer money go to the fraudsters.

You can report Medicare fraud by your employer on your own as an anonymous informant or you can approach the local FBI office and file an official complaint. You can also report the Medicare fraud by pursuing a False Claims Act lawsuit. This is the most effective way to deal with such fraud, but you will need experienced Medicare fraud attorney who specializes in the practice of qui tam lawsuits. Your identity remains protected as the suit remains sealed during the investigation.

Penalties for Medicare Fraud

If convicted, under the Federal law one may have to pay civil and criminal penalties for the fraud. The penalties include:

  • Long prison term as prescribed under the law
  • Fine of up to $250,000
  • Reimbursement of the amount involved in the fraud
  • Probation
  • Cancellation of license

Common Forms of Medicare Fraud

Any type of healthcare service provider, including doctor, lab technicians, and pharmacists could commit Medicare fraud.  The Medicare beneficiary could also do the fraud in collusion with concerned authorities or institutions. However, one need to be little cautious about intentional fraud and mistake. If falsely implicated, you should hire an experienced Medicare fraud attorney specialized in criminal defense.


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