Why We Need a Healthcare Attorney Firm?

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Haberslaw, the Healthcare attorney firm that has helped so many in the past has added another client to its list of vindicated clients. Being a Healthcare attorney firm, that has assisted providers across the nation, Haberslaw has seen many of the various types of problems that healthcare providers face. Over the years, this has included many of the various issues that healthcare providers face, whether they are employees or independent practitioners, physicians, nurses, labs, nursing homes, with privileges and without privileges, whether they require assistance with credentialing or program participation, or assistance dealing with the OIG or a licensing board. Healthcare criminal matters or Healthcare civil matters.

Adverse Healthcare administrative matters can also be very destructive for a career. Over the years, Haberslaw has assisted providers in many of the situations that a healthcare provider can find himself/herself involved in. While we have assisted our military healthcare providers in the past, it has normally been a paper matter. This recent case was before an in-person panel which was sitting as appeal board of our military client’s adverse termination of privileges for being over 72 hours in closing cases.

While this might sound ludicrous, it is what happened to our client due to the Commanding Officer’s desire to hurt the client’s spouse. After a two-day hearing before a three-member panel of the client’s peers, this Healthcare attorney law firm was able to convince the panel not to terminate the client’s privileges in a fashion that would result in the client being placed in the National Practitioners Data Bank. The client was resigning in any event but to the Commanding Officer that was not enough. He wanted a pound of flesh. That would be an entry in the National Practitioners Data Bank (NPDB). An entry in the National Practitioners Data Bank can be the kiss of death for healthcare providers and Haberslaw was able to avoid this for its client.

If you are facing a draconian injury to your professional reputation call Haberslaw at 301-670-0016. Whether it is before a licensing board, a medical panel in your hospital, before a credentialing authority with your third party payor, or any other medical panel, do not wait until it is too late, call Haberslaw and ask to speak to Ken Haber


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