Why Would You Hire A Whistleblower Attorney?

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A complex kind of litigation comes under the whistleblower lawsuit. This type of lawsuit has specific pleading and filing requirements along with several other exceptional considerations under it. Suppose there is a strong and well-documented case of fraud and you present it before the government. If the latter expresses interest in the matter and the whistleblower proves the case, he wins a monetary award for revealing the fraud. Therefore, you need to protect yourself first hand in any such case if caught wrongly. A whistleblower attorney can help you get protection and safeguard you against any revengeful activities.

A whistleblower attorney can help you in the following ways:

Evaluates your claim

To start with, the attorney will go through all the tidbits of your case including all the evidences, statements, etc. If he finds that your case can be stronger he will advise certain steps to ensure the same.

Files a lawsuit

It is the duty of the whistleblower attorney to help you identify the type of case, whether ‘qui tam’ or others that involve tax fraud, securities fraud, etc. and file a lawsuit accordingly. He would also assure that you are not short-changed but receive the best amount of reward for your contribution.

Helps persuade the government

The whistleblower attorney has a fair idea of the case if the government intervenes. Thus, if that would be beneficial he would make sure to choose steps that convince the government to join the matter.

Never leaves your side

When you submit the claim there might be instances when the government may want to see you. You do not have to feel nervous, the whistleblower attorney will help you prepare and accompany you to the meetings.

Protects your identity

If you wish to conceal your identity, the attorney would do everything possible under the law to ensure that. On the other hand, if any kind of retaliation takes place for you as a whistleblower, the attorney will charge lawsuit against anybody who does so and make sure you get compensation for your loss.

Therefore, if you are planning to blow the whistle for a fraud you may go ahead. Although before doing that, make sure to have a whistleblower attorney by your side.


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