Who Needs And What Is A Real Medicare Defense Attorney?

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Who needs a Medicare Defense Attorney?

If you are a healthcare provider and if you are being audited by a ZPIC or RAC, then you need a Medicare Defense Attorney. If you are health care provider and if you have received a grand jury subpoena from the United States Attorney’s Office or from the Medicaid Fraud Control United of your state Attorney General’s Office, then you need a Medicaid or Medicare Defense Attorney. These entities are serious and they are not knocking on your door as a welcome wagon. When they come knocking, you need someone to stand up for you and that is a really experienced Medicaid or Medicare Defense Lawyer. That starts with an experienced Medicare Attorney. What may be at issue is avoiding civil penalties or criminal prosecution and you need a Medicare lawyer to do it.

Many attorneys will claim that they have experience but do they really have the experience that you need. Attorney Kenneth Haber has been an Assistant United States Attorney and he has prosecuted Medicare and Medicaid fraud. Additionally, Mr. Haber is a former Senior Attorney of the Office of Inspector General-HHS and he has investigated Medicare fraud. While no one knows all of Medicare rules and policy, Mr. Haber knows much of Medicare from the top to the bottom. Mr. Haber has tried cases in the Courtroom, has argued before the Appeals Court and has investigated on the street. Mr. Haber has been in the inside of the dragon and now he has been representing health care providers who need protection from the dragon for decades. Mr. Haber is a Medicaid, Medicare Defense Lawyer. He knows how to detect fraud and how to protect those accused of fraud. Civil fraud starts with billing errors and criminal fraud starts with civil fraud. It all starts with billing errors. Don’t let billing errors trip you up. While it may only start with an audit, it can end with civil or criminal fraud charges. You need to deal successfully with the audit in the first place, if you can, to avoid the latter.

Mr. Haber has prosecuted fraud with mail and wire fraud statutes, racketeering statutes and even went after it with the antitrust statute.  Mr. Haber has defended clients from allegations of fraud and prevented prosecutions from being filed. It is good to have a lawyer who can defend you in the Courtroom but better to have one who can avoid your being charged in the first place. Many defense lawyers will tell you not to worry until you are charged. That is waiting too long. Once you are charged, then there is tremendous pressure on the prosecutor to obtain a conviction whether or not you have committed the acts charged with the pre-requisite intent. The prosecutor does not want to appear to have mischarged someone so therefore, he has to obtain a guilty plea or bring in a jury conviction concerning you.

Knowing how to defend a Medicare prosecution or avoiding it in the first place is dependent upon knowing Medicare practices and policies. That is the job of a Medicare lawyer. Often, defending and avoiding prosecution is dependent upon using experts to establish reasonable doubt or to establish such a confused regulatory structure that no prosecutor wants to charge you and no jury wants to convict you. Often, medical necessity is critical. All this is where an experienced Medicare Attorney comes into play.

Mr. Haber is a Medicare Defense Lawyer who has the credentials and experience of having been both an Assistant United States Attorney and a Senior Lawyer of the Office of Inspector General-HHS. If your defense attorney claims to have experience, ask him if he has obtained his experience pleading out his clients to lesser guilty charges or proactively preventing his clients from being charged in the first place.  Mr. Haber has successfully accomplished the latter with the experience of a Medicare Defense Attorney who has been in the inside of dragon and is willing to defend you from the outside. Don’t wait until it is too late.

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