Things to Know While Choosing A Healthcare Lawyer

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Having yourself or your loved one victimized in a case of healthcare fraud is one of the most complex and sensitive scenarios. Similarly, being accused of healthcare fraud or wrongdoing, is a critical and sensitive place to be. Choosing the right Healthcare Lawyer, therefore, is the best thing you can do in such cases. As there are a number of law firms in the market these days, it is a difficult task to choose the right one for you. It is always advised by the experts to choose a firm which has very experienced lawyers. It is only a seasoned attorney, who has the knowledge to identify as well as understand the different schemes and scenarios that can arise.

One such law firm is the Law Office of Kenneth Joel Haber, PC. This firm can be very helpful to the victims in such cases or those accused of such wrong-doing. For years, this firm and its principal has been assisting physicians, healthcare practitioners, and other entities in the healthcare industry through the creative employment of appropriate statutes along with exceptional skills and experience. So, below are a few of the factors that can help you determine and choose a law firm for your case:

  • You need to make sure that the attorney has assisted his clients in relevant Credentialing Issues as well as Criminal, Civil and Administrative matters.
  • The seasoned Healthcare Lawyer should have also assisted clients involved with DEA matters, HIPAA issues, Fraud, and Licensing Board Issues.
  • The lawyer should also be experienced with working on the post-payment review as well as RAC ZPIC matters.
  • Check that the law firm you choose has helped clients with professional privileges and peer review matters in order to seek and obtain program reinstatement for them.
  • If the clients are involved in RICO, Whistleblowing matters, unfair competition and anti-trust, or Stark and anti-kickback, the lawyer should have used these different statutes.
  • The law firm should have ample experience and legal practice to deal with different cases affecting medical and institutional practices or operations.

Once you select a law firm or a lawyer who is experienced in the above factors, you can be assured that when you have to deal with these types of issues and matters, the complications and difficulties will be less of a burden for you.


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