Role of Whistleblower Lawyer under False Claim Act

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A whistleblower is a person who exposes fraudulent and illegal activities within an organization, be it private or public. Whistleblowing is an important matter in the healthcare sector and exercised with integrity, when necessary. It helps in exposing deceitful activities and punish wrongdoing thereby helping save the industry from malpractice. Whistleblower lawyer work under the False Claim Act (FCA) to extract justice from the people create scam in the organization.

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FCA is a simple yet an imperative idea dedicated to fighting against the fraud and without the help of false claim attorney, it is impossible to detect, investigate, and prosecute fraud. The FCA authorizes whistleblower to sue a company or an individual that defraud the Government. FCA is a complex area of law with a number of provisions which should not be overlooked or misinterpreted. It is very important for companies or organizations to find a whistleblower qui tam law firm that has extensive knowledgeable and experienced professionals in litigating FCA cases. To report fraud against the government and recover under the FCA, the whistleblower has right to file a lawsuit, who is later rewarded by the government with a significant portion of recovery refunds.

An individual who learns that a company’s employee or employers engaged in fraudulent activities against the government, be it a Medicare fraud, defense contractor fraud, mortgage or other financial fraud has right to blow a whistle against the fraud. Doing this eventually risks your reputation, career, and safety, but with the help of a whistleblower lawyer, you can challenge fraud under the FCA. The false claims attorney has the experience to file and litigate the case under the FCAand protect whistleblower rights.

Numerous companies and healthcare service providers are found to be involved in the violation of various forms of illegal conduct and injurious behaviors. Whistleblower brings their deed to the attention of the government with the help of Whistleblower lawyers.


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