Rely on a Top-Notch Legal Firm for Resolution of False Claims Case

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Healthcare fraud cases are a drain on the Medicare Trust Fund. It leads to huge financial losses to the government and makes it quite difficult to provide high-quality general and specialized healthcare services to the poor and marginalized sections of the society. Such cases exceed $100 billion in America. Thanks to False Claims Act (FCA) private citizens or whistleblowers are allowed to come forward and file qui tam lawsuits against the healthcare professionals or institutes that are engaged in such frauds.

The FCA provides a monetary reward to the whistleblower that can amount from 15 percent to 30 percent of the total recovery made by the government. Whistleblowers are those persons who expose the fraud or non-compliance with the regulations by healthcare organizations and practitioners. Thus, they play a vital role in detecting and preventing such frauds.

Hiring a competent and experienced whistleblower attorney is essential to sue the fraudulent agency or individual on behalf of the government and can lead the case to the desired result. If the attorney is proficient with the intricacies and legal complexities of qui tam lawsuits, he can handle and process the case in the best way possible.

A whistleblower attorney will evaluate all aspects of the case determining which laws would be applicable and then chalk out a plan to represent the case in the most convincing way. He or she would weigh all the pros and cons and then present the case with the necessary detailed preparation so as to lead the case to a satisfactory resolution. The lawyer will take steps to assert the rights of the whistleblower as the case proceeds.

If you are looking for a successful resolution of a healthcare fraud case, then you should rely on an experienced law firm.

Be it filing a case against a pharmaceutical company for marketing drugs that have not been approved by the FDA for the purposes for which they are being marketed, or a hospital for wrongful practices or unlawful billing, a well-qualified and experienced whistleblower lawyer would help you expose misconduct and make the most of the FCA claim.

The complexity of laws in the false claims act and the need for a seasoned and experienced healthcare fraud lawyer to represent you, as a whistleblower, necessitates your hiring an experienced whistleblower attorney, who will assist you to obtain the desired results.

It is very important from the part of a whistleblower to exercise all precaution and keep all the matter as a secret until the government accepts the case and unseals the complaint that has been filed on your behalf against the corrupt healthcare providers. The lawyer would maintain the privacy of his client and the secrecy of the case that would safeguard the client’s interests in the matter.


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