Pros of Hiring an Experienced Whistleblower Attorney

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A whistleblower is the person who exposes the illicit activities going on in an organization. The person can be a whistleblower only when he or she is an employee of the concerned organization. The exposure of unethical practices or anything anomalous to the employee, society and other entities associated with the organization takes a lot of guts. It will be tough to fight a case against a huge corporate. This is where the requirement of an adept, experienced whistleblower attorney comes into the picture.

Advantages of hiring an experienced whistleblower attorney

When you are preparing for a Qui Tam case against an employer or others, you will need the strong support of the law. Only an eminent law professional can aid you in this purpose. The law office of Kenneth Joel Haber is an experienced firm in this aspect. You will find the following advantages when you hire the professionals from this firm.

  • Proficiency: Not every lawyer is proficient in this particular aspect of the law. It can be tough to fight for justice when the lawyer is not appropriately experienced in the subject matter background and is not experienced in dealing with the Department of Justice. This is why an attorney with this experience can bring justice to your case. The experienced approaches and techniques of the Law Office of Kenneth Joel Haber, PC will make your case stronger and more formidable.
  • Experience: Being a former senior attorney OIG-HHS and former Assistant US Attorney, the experience of Mr. Haber in this aspect will prove to be very fruitful to prepare your case. He along with his team of lawyers makes sure to identify to the DOJ the misdeeds of the employers or other misdeed doers. Mr. Haber does not spare any misconduct and helps his clients get favorable justice.

Wrapping up

The whistleblower attorney services that Mr. Haber provides will be ideal for delicate cases. All you need is to contact Mr. Haber at 301-670-0016 for a no-obligation consultation and hire his legal services.


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