Important Things to Know About the Whistleblower Law

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You must have definitely heard the word “whistleblower” at least once in your professional life. For those who do not know, it is a term used for an employee or worker of a company who comes forward to report a violation of the law by his/ her employer. These violations could be anything from a general violation such as illegal pollution activities against the environmental law to a sexual harassment claim. But as this entire procedure is extremely complex and complicated, you need to take professional help from professional lawyers who have relevant experience. That is when you look for a seasoned Whistleblower Lawyer.

These professional lawyers have got years of experience which helps you in exposing the misdeeds of your employer and also brings the illegal practice to the attention of the government as well as the court. According to the Whistleblower Law, when an employee files a claim against an agency or company, they need to share reliable evidence to the public in support of their claim. However, the law being federal protects the whistleblowers from the possible retaliation at the hands of their employer.

So, below are a few examples of such retaliation when you might need help from an experienced Whistleblower Lawyer:-

  • When a termination that is caused by the filing of the company’s whistleblower activity
  • When you experience a demotion or a dock in salary due to filing the whistleblower activity
  • When your employer transfers you before long due to filing the whistleblower activity
  • When your employer starts to treat you poorly due to the filing
  • When you notice that your employer is spreading hateful rumors about you due to the filing

But when experienced lawyers work as representatives of such whistleblowers, they help you expose the misconduct while protecting your rights under the authority of the False Claim Act. So now when you find your employer being involved in any kind of illegal conduct or injurious behavior, do not hesitate to take help from an experienced professional.


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