Here is how you can seek the Help of a False Claims Attorney

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A country comprises its citizens and is under the control of the government, which in turn is responsible for the welfare of its citizens. Their needs, quality of living and healthcare are the primary needs that the government must fulfill. Yet, it is difficult for the administration to provide individual attention and care to the population at large. Therefore, the government introduces schemes and programs to satisfy the demand of almost every citizen.

Use and misuse of government programs

The government schemes and programs are a necessity, rather than an added bonus. The absence of these programs will affect a significant population. Yet, it opens various avenues for people to take undue advantage of such programs. In such cases, a false claims attorney intervenes and does what is necessary to handover the fraudster to the law. These attorneys have adequate knowledge regarding various government programs and the ways people may misuse those schemes.

How does it work?

A person having sufficient knowledge about governments programs, may be able to identify a fraudster who is misusing the facility. He can then act as a whistle-blower and inform the incident to the false claims attorney, who will in turn inform about the same to government. The latter will then decide if the person is at fault and take necessary actions accordingly. If found guilty, the concerned person will have to face punishment. Likewise, whistle-blower and the attorney will get a sum of money as reward. While, making a complaint, it is worth noting that

  • The attorney must file whistle-blower’s complaint because only a lawyer can represent the government.
  • Confidentiality of the whistle-blower and the complaint must be maintained under a secret docket.
  • All evidences should be present in a confidential and properly drafted disclosure statement.

Failure to abide by these points will result in dismissal of the complaint.

To conclude, the government keeps launching various programs to help its citizens. Unfortunately, some fraudsters misuse these at times. If identified one may report such fraud to a false claims attorney, who would escalate the case to the government in order to serve the justice.


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