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Mr. Kenneth Joel Haber is a former Assistant United States Attorney, former Senior Attorney Division of Special Assignments HHS-OIG. In the 1960s, for six years, Mr. Haber was a CI/PSA of the FBI. See on his website’s home page declassified FBI documents as to his transition to becoming an Assistant United States Attorney and when he coordinated an FBI raid during near riotous conditions at the University of Michigan from which he graduated. These are just two of a multitude of events in which he was involved while he worked as an Asset for the FBI.

Mr. Haber has been blessed with a specific skill set that is unique to him and derived from his 40+ years as an attorney and his personal experience of being both a former Assistant United States Attorney and a former Senior Attorney of the Office of Inspector General/HHS, as well as a CI/PSA for the FBI. We believe that you are not going to find any other attorney with these qualifications and experiences. Mr. Haber has represented clients across the country. Call 301-670-0016 and see if he can assist you.

His successful efforts as a CI/PSA for the FBI is how he became an Assistant United States Attorney at age 25 without any prior trial experience. Mr. Hoover made it happen. Mr. Haber learns fast. Mr. Haber entered the US Attorneys Office without any trial experience. He was successfully in the US Attorneys Office for eight years. At that time, he transferred to the OIG’s Office [HHS] as it was just forming.

Mr. Haber is pleased that he can make his skills available to you and he looks forward to being of assistance to you. He has substantial experience keeping people out of trouble and if they are in trouble, he has substantial experience in getting them out of trouble. People do not have to do anything wrong to find themselves confronting trouble and they need to be able to deal with it. Often, that is why he is there. A link on his homepage brings you to a news article which reflects the type of skilled work which Mr. Haber renders. It brings you to a public news article concerning a Florida Licensing Board case. Florida Licensing Board matters are open to the public. It deals with a physician who was wrongfully convicted by Court Martial of rape. He did not do it. Unfortunately, Mr. Haber did not represent him before the Court Martial, but he subsequently represented him before the Florida Medical Board. Mr. Haber was able to convince the Medical Board to restore his license to him. Mr. Haber will seek to apply the same skill set on your behalf.

Whether you are confronting a MAC, RAC or ZPIC; if you are a Healthcare Provider or Entity; whether you are confronting your Licensing Board; a Healthcare Credentialing agency; any other entity or authority in the world of Healthcare; or even an unfair competitor or hospital, Mr. Haber is here for you. Government Contractors similarly have to deal with contracting authorities. We are here for you as well.

Washington DC has a national reach and Our Trusted Lawyers in Washington, DC have represented Healthcare Providers and Entities and Government Contractors throughout that reach. Call and see if we can assist you. We have represented physicians and entities before Licensing Boards and other authorities as noted in the article above. Mr. Haber is not a stranger to Medicare ZPICs and RACs. Medicare Appeals are generated out of Washington DC and our Trusted Lawyers have been there and done that. Over the years Mr. Haber, as a Washington DC Lawyer, has traveled the country to represent his clients in many forums and in many locations. Mr. Haber has used many of the legal tools available for attorneys and he wears them on his tool belt. When Mr. Haber was an Assistant United States Attorney, he prosecuted the first felony anti-trust matter which happened to be a healthcare matter. Mr. Haber has a plethora of legal tools hanging on his tool belt. Mr. Haber used the RICO [Racketeering] statute in the United States Attorneys Office and now he uses it on behalf of his clients against corporate Goliaths.

Mr. Haber has used Civil Rights statutes for his Healthcare Provider clients. These and many other skills, laws and talents are on his tool belt. Mr. Haber has spent 18 years with and/or in 3 different federal law enforcement agencies, including the OIG of HHS so he knows the talk and walks the walk. Contact us to learn what other tools that Mr. Haber has to help solve your problems and to avoid future problems. Mr. Haber has even brought the power of the federal government to bear on those who have been bothering his clients. Each case is different.

A Compliance Program put together by this firm carries the imprimatur of an attorney who served his government in the very impressive ways, as Mr. Haber has. The value of such an imprimatur should not be underestimated. Mr. Haber knows how to talk the talk and walk the walk. Mr. Haber’s Compliance Program will identify your vulnerabilities so that they may be properly addressed and avoided in the future. He will help you stay on the straight and narrow in a zig zag world. While Mr. Haber cannot guarantee that you will get the results that you want when negotiations with the government are required, you can be assured that he has the credentials and skills to make it more possible to obtain a relatively better result based upon your situation than most other attorneys can procure. Mr. Haber has done what most other attorneys dream of.

Mr. Haber has represented Government Contractors as well. Mr. Haber’s insight from his above experiences gives him the type of capacity to identify not only your true problem but its solution. If there is no clear solution, Mr. Haber can still seek to resolve your situation in the most advantageous manner for you that is reasonably available. Government Contractors have a multitude of administrative actors who can effect their success and knowing how to deal with them is critical. Mr. Haber uses creativity to work these matters out. Once when contractor was facing a suspension and possible prosecution, Mr. Haber resolved the matter by negotiating with the FBI and CID for the Contractor to pave an extra tank trail to resolve the differences. Mr. Haber uses out of the box thinking to effectively represent his clients whether they are Government Contractors or Healthcare Providers or Entities.

Whether you’re facing a specific legal issue or have general questions to avoid trouble, we are here to help. From our Washington, DC firm, located both in the DC suburbs of Maryland and Metro DC, we work hard to support clients who are healthcare providers and entities as well as Government Contractors, no matter the situation at hand or where the client is located. No matter what the issue is or who or where your antagonist is, Washington reaches out across the country and often we, your Trusted Lawyers in Washington, DC, can help.

Attempting to tackle a legal matter on your own can end up negatively impacting the outcome of your situation. Why risk such repercussions when our dedicated lawyers are on hand to offer guidance when you need it the most? To set up an initial free consultation or learn more about how our Washington, DC law practice can assist you, regardless where you are, call Law Office Of Kenneth Joel Haber, PC today. 301-670-0016 or visit us through our website contact box. Mr. Haber is made of the right stuff. At 73, he finished his boxing career but he is still going strong. See who he can box for you.


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