Medicare Frauds: Types And Penalties For Fraudsters

According to data, medicare fraudsters skim around $60 billion annually from the government—that is almost 10 percent of the entire healthcare budget. The figure reveals a bitter truth that indeed many caregivers conscientiously commit frauds and receive money from government  →

Healthcare fraud lawyer: when you need one?

Healthcare frauds skim substantial money from the government, draining the funds that should have gone to the needy. And thus, a number of agencies of government are tasked to investigate frauds armed with traditional and whistle blowing laws. More and  →

Hire an Experienced Attorney for Quick Resolution of Healthcare Fraud Case

Doctors are considered next to God. They are the most trusted and respected members of our society. They play a pivotal role in providing general and special healthcare services to the people thereby helping them prevent diseases and maintain sound  →

Rely on a Top-Notch Legal Firm for Resolution of False Claims Case

Healthcare fraud cases are a drain on the Medicare Trust Fund. It leads to huge financial losses to the government and makes it quite difficult to provide high-quality general and specialized healthcare services to the poor and marginalized sections of  →

Healthcare Compliance Programs and their Benefits

It has been observed that almost all healthcare institutes are subject to false allegations of wrong-doing. Such false allegations of illegal conduct adversely impact the reputation of the institute or other healthcare provider and places a negative light on all  →

How to Find Best Criminal Defense Lawyer for Licensed Professionals?

A criminal conviction can hugely impact your life by affecting your educational opportunities, personal relationships, and financial situation. The conviction can be specifically serious if you are involved in a profession, where you must be licensed for legally practicing in  →

Healthcare Lawyer, Attorney Helps Maintain the Reputation of the Healthcare Providers and Suppliers and Resolves Various Issues

Today, almost all healthcare providers are seeking the help of the healthcare lawyer to resolve alleged false claims and allegations charged against healthcare facilities. Even more important is to have a knowledgeable Healthcare Attorney to help avoid such allegations of  →

What Do You Do When You Uncover Medicare Fraud?

Medicare is the healthcare program that is run by the federal government for the sake of improving the health conditions of the people. Via several mechanisms, it seeks to inspire honest practices and discourage dishonest practices. Medicare is a highly  →

How to Choose the Right Healthcare Fraud Attorney?

Healthcare is considered as one of the complex industries of all. It is heavily regulated and investigated by the federal government. Any serious criminal offence would be regarded as a federal crime and is often punishable by 10 years of  →

How to Choose the Right Healthcare Compliance Attorney?

A Healthcare compliance attorney is a professional, who provides comprehensive counsel for compliance with federal and state regulations in the field of healthcare law. The compliance attorney focuses on experience in the various aspects of healthcare law so that you  →
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